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Saturday, November 26, 2016

An Introduction

Hey everybody, My name is Adam.  This is the first time I ever attempt the whole blogging thing so, I hope that you are all patient with me while I learn how this works; all suggestions and feedback is appreciated as well.  Basically to give you guys a quick run down of myself:  I'm a college student at the moment, majoring in criminal justice.  Some of my hobbies include exercising, writing (hence the reason for the blog), playing video game (not obsessively), and listening to music.  Now the reason I wanted to start a blog was because I wanted to share my opinions on certain things with the world.  I love doing certain activities and getting to talk about it and have people listen and care about what you say is something I feel a lot of people enjoy.  So basically with this blog I plan on reviewing certain things and discussing them with you, the readers, as well as telling some stories that I think people would find interesting.  The reviews I plan on doing are of new music albums that come out, video game reviews etc.  I'm also a big fan of wrestling (yes the modern product).  I mostly watch WWE and that's all.  I used to be into impact wrestling but then all that legal stuff happened and I haven't watched since.  I plan on reviewing raw, smackdown, nxt and the PPV's, and giving my thoughts on what happens.  As far as music goes I enjoy rock, metal, rap, hip hop, and acoustic music so I will be reviewing new albums in those genres.  For gaming reviews I plan on reviewing new games that were recently released, as well some older games that may not have gotten the attention they deserved.  And finally for the story blogs, they'll mostly consist of personal life stories that I feel affected me in some way, some probably having an overall lesson in them.  So that's it for the intro, I hope you will all give me a chance with this new journey I'm starting. I wanted to cover a lot of topics in order to reach more people, that way if you don't like wrestling, you can read the album reviews and so forth.  Like I said any and all feedback is appreciated and I hope to get some tips from you guys along the way.  Thank you all and have a nice day!

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